Sun and Snow Shield SPF 30 Sunscreen

Sun and Snow Shield SPF 30 Sunscreen

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This SPF 30 formula will protect your skin from damaging UV radiation, which is the main contributor to aging skin. Also if you are using products to lighten hyper-pigmentation it is important to use a SPF 30 to prevent further darkening of the skin and help in preserving the lightening effects.

This formula is non sensitizing. Designed for all skin types.

Coated Zinc Oxide formula gives you UVA AND UVB full spectrum protection.

Zinc Oxide is one of the most sought after ingredients in sunscreen formulas.

Zinc Oxide is a natural UV blocker.

Can be applied before foundation comfortably, let the product absorb for a minute and then apply make up.

This formula should always be the last product you apply to the face to ensure the full protection.

Will not leave the skin white and chalky after application.