Natural Baby Lotion

Natural Baby Lotion

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99.99% Natural | Hypoallergenic


After nine months of being safely nestled in their mother’s womb, baby's skin is suddenly exposed to harsher conditions. Keep your baby’s skin nourished and moisturized with our Natural Baby Lotion. A medley of avocado oil, sunflower oil, and aloe vera keeps baby’s delicate skin soft and supple while natural glycerin gently seals in the moisture. Experience skin that’s baby-soft and supple with every cuddle!


Our natural formulations incorporate an Eco-Cert certified all natural fragrance that is 100% free from phthalates.


Our Baby Lotion is Step 2 in our 3-step baby care from bath to bed routine: 
Step 1: Cleanse and Calm – Baby Wash
Step 2: Moisturize and Nourish – Baby Lotion
Step 3: Protect and Nurture – Baby Oil


Did You Know? A baby’s skin is more porous than an adult’s skin? Make sure that any leave-on product you apply on your baby contains only the purest and safest ingredients!