Exclusive Sheer Berry Anti-Oxidant Serum

Exclusive Sheer Berry Anti-Oxidant Serum

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Light easy to apply serum in the color berry/beige.  Scented in Lavender essential oil.


Spa and Home - Apply to cleansed skin before moisturizer or sunscreen for daytime use.  There is a higher chance of being exposed to free radicals during the day.  This formula can be used at night in addition to your nighttime regimen.  At night, apply Serum before moisturizer.  This formula can be used with your existing product regimen.


This high-powered antioxidant fruit blend combined with anti-aging peptides provides a new way to quench the skin’s need for protection and free radical fighting power.  A combination of fruit acids, resveratrol and peptides has set the standard of performance for antioxidant products.  This product is the highest performing antioxidant private label product available.  Tested for its potency, this serum contains an ORAC value of 2000 units per gram.  This exceeds by far the recommended “high” range of 150-300 units per gram, provided by an independent testing lab