Deodorant for Men

Deodorant for Men

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100% Natural

Infused with powerful natural antibacterial ingredients plus bergamot and rosemary essential oilsfor a perfectly balanced, woody, naturally masculine scent, Pure Strength Natural Deodorant works hard to protect heroes from body odor without compromising their health:

- Charged with 100% natural antibacterial ingredients that helps prevent underarm odor-causing bacteria

- Keeps skin healthy by allowing it to sweat, breathe, and release body toxins

- No aluminum salts linked to neurotoxicity

- No synthetic fragrances that can alter male reproductive hormones

Pure Strength Natural Deodorant uses only nature’s finest ingredients for the best and safest protection from body odor. Why would any guy who values his well-being settle for anything less?

How to Use: Shake well before using. Apply at least 8 swipes to underarms - the wetter, the better! - and let dry. Reapply as needed throughout the day.