Aloe Sunburn Relief Cooling Spray

Aloe Sunburn Relief Cooling Spray

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Our cooling spray contains patented Acemannan Hydrogel which provides immediate soothing relief from sunburn pain without further irritation caused by rubbing gels or creams into sunburn skin.

✅ Certified organic/kosher & meets or exceeds all FDA, USDA & ISO requirements.

✅ Proven beneficial in the medical treatment of burns & wounds by enhancing tissue repair & healing; the skin's natural defenses are strengthened & restored

✅ Stressed or sunburned skin is quickly restored to normal appearance & function; soothing and cooling application; professional application for after wax or peels accelerates the benefits of the treatment(s) while promoting the healing process.

✅  Effective usage on all skin types and conditions; safe & effective on delicate skin (e.g. babies or elderly), as well as problem skin conditions such as acne, eczema, or rosacea

✅ Provides immediate pain relief for stressed or sunburned skin without further irritating skin; soothes skin after professional treatments such as waxing or peels.

✅ The patented ingredient is an aloe extract rich in acetylated mannans that leave a thin, natural, permeable layer on the skin that acts as a moisture barrier softening & moisturizing the skin.

Application has exceptional smoothness & glide properties that leaves skin feeling naturally soft & hydrated; moisture barrier locks in hydration to enhance tissue repair & nourishment; effective moisturizer for problem skin conditions such as acne, eczema, or rosacea