Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing Liquid

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99.78% Natural


Go mean on grease and loving on everything else that matters! Our Natural Dishwashing Liquid is 99.78% natural and 100% free from harmfulchemicals making sure you don’t drain back those nasty chemicals back into the environment. It’s also 93.95% locally-sourcedmaking it doubly great for the Philippines!


Available in zesty Lemon-Calamansi scent


Loving that thick foamy lather? Most chemical dishwashing liquids contain synthetic foam boosters that don’t really play a role in dirt removal. Ours has no synthetic foam boosters and may lather a little less than chemical brands but it sure does the job of removing grease and that icky smell. And remember…a little drop goes a looooong way!


Did You Know? Phosphate ingredients that were once commonly found in dishwashing liquids have been found out to contribute to the harmful excessive algae blooms as a result of these being discharged into our waterways and other bodies of water. In fact, big manufacturing giants have already declared the removal of phosphates in their products due to the growing concern of its environmental impact.


Our Dishwashing Liquid has 100% no harmful chemicals. No phosphates. No chlorine. No petroleum. No synthetic fragrance. No dyes. Biodegradable. Non-toxic.